Would You Like Some Wine, Slave?
Would you like some wine…?

“Would you like some wine?” – I am sitting on a chair, one of my legs resting comfortably on his shoulder, a glass of white semi-sweet wine in my hand, as he is kneeling in front of me. He was already confused when I started the session with a glass of wine in my hand – he has never seen me drink anything in all the sessions he had with me. He is hoping I will allow him to worship my feet and he is waiting patiently.  “Would you like some wine?” – “No, thank you,” – he says automatically, like he would to anyone else offering him alcohol, when he doesn’t feel like drinking it. I slowly raise my left eyebrow, a half-smile appears on my face. I look surprised. But I am not. This is not a new slave, I know him quite well. I foresaw his automatic response and was pleased with myself. “Did you just say “No” to me?” – I ask softly, almost tenderly, and he is immediately reminded of where he is and who he is with. The unexpected softness in my voice and my half-smile confuse and terrify him at the same time. He regrets his mistake and would do anything to fix it. “I am sorry, Mistress!” – he says hastily, his head bent down and his eyes glued to the floor. “Let’ try this again, shall we?” – I say softly.  “Would you like some wine, slave?”  – “Yes, please, Mistress, thank you so much!” – he is relieved, surprised, confused – all at the same time. I take my wine glass, carry it in the air until it is exactly over my foot, which is on the floor, and I tilt it just a bit, so the wine start dripping on my foot. He is hypnotized by my movements, he is watching the wine drops roll down my arch and toes, getting in between my perfect toes – so mesmerized and excited, he is forgetting to breathe. “Drink your wine!” – I say with royal generosity and lean back to relax and enjoy sipping from my glass, while he jerks towards my wine-soaked foot, with the determination of a starving dog that is going for a juicy stake, and starts licking it tenderly.  “Stop!” – I say but 10 seconds later. “Look at me,” – he has to pull all his self-control together to stop and do as he is told. “Where are you right now, slave?” – “In Heaven!” – he whispers. “Do you realize, that a minute ago you said “No” to this?” – “I am SO sorry, Mistress…” – “Who are you?” – “A worthless slave…” – “Who am I?” – “My Goddess…” – “Who always knows best, what’s good for you?” – “You do, Lady Scarlett… Thank you…” – “Be quiet now and get back to licking!” – “Thank you, Goddess…”                        

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