The best possible gift you can give me is a tribute. It shows your appreciation and gratitude, it lets me know how much you miss me between the sessions, it gets me to notice you if I do not know you, it is the best way to apologize if you messed up, it is instant pleasure for me. It is quick and simple – choose the amount of tribute and enter your credit card information here. I will get a notification with the amount of the tribute and your email address. If I never got an email from you before – I will not know who the tribute is from, so make sure to contact me and let me know that it is you who pleased me.

Have a session scheduled with me and want to please me…? You may bring:


My favorite food: sushi and rolls (no carrots, no batatas), fruit basket

My favorite wine: “Blue Nun” (in Europe it is called “Liebfraumilch”)

My favorite perfume: “Lady Million” by Paco Rabanne, “One” by Calvin Kline, Gucci (I like many different scents by Gucci, you may choose what you like)