Would You Like Some Wine, Slave?

“Would you like some wine?” – I am sitting on a chair, one of my legs resting comfortably on his shoulder, a glass of white semi-sweet wine in my hand, as he is kneeling in front of me. He was already confused when I started the session with a glass of wine in my hand – he has never seen me drink anything in all the sessions he had with me… (read more)


What I Feel, When I See Him In A Dress

“Mistress, what do you feel when you see me wearing a dress?” – he asks. He is sitting at my feet, on his knees. In a long dress, as per my orders – that’s what I like him to wear while he serves me as a maid, and while we chat. I am silent for a couple of minutes. He thinks I don’t want to answer. And he thinks what I feel is something like… (read more)


Can You Bust My Balls, Mistress?

“Can you bust my balls, Mistress?” – says the slave. He is standing on his knees in front of me. Head down. His whole posture and tone of voice so demure. That’s exactly how I like ‘em. Nice and respectful. Knowing exactly where their place is. I like the ones who have been near a Mistress for many, many years. If they didn’t know how… (read more)