Can You Bust My Balls, Mistress?
Shut up and spread your legs

“Can you bust my balls, Mistress?” – says the slave. He is standing on his knees in front of me. Head down. His whole posture and tone of voice so demure. That’s exactly how I like ‘em. Nice and respectful. Knowing exactly where their place is. I like the ones who have been near a Mistress for many, many years. If they didn’t know how to act and talk to a Woman before, they have been properly trained during the years. Like this one. He is intelligent, educated, in his early thirties, with a pretty face and a gorgeous body. His whole body is covered with tattoos. God, I love gorgeous tattooed male bodies… Outside he acts like he is the shit. But he knows very well to leave all his alfa crap behind the door. Because in front of Me – he is a nobody. Just a toy. Just for right now. One of, oh, so many.   

“Can you bust my balls, Mistress?” – “I don’t know… Can birds fly?” – I say indifferently as I am admiring my perfect blood red nails on my left hand. I am excited. But I know better than to show the slightest hint of it to him. What can possibly be better than to kick a strong man in the nuts and watch him squirm with pleasure? But he doesn’t know that. I am in no hurry. I have time to play.   

“Why would I bust your balls? You really think I have nothing better to do?” – “No, Mistress! Of course you have better things to do. I know I have no right to ask you. But if you would like to do that, Mistress, I would be so honored.” – “Why would I do that, slave?” – “Because I am a dog, Mistress…” – “Because you are a man, loser! Everything is wrong with you, because you are a man!” – “Yes, Mistress…” He is no longer standing gracefully on his knees in front of me. He is fidgeting on all fours, his whole body trembling, he is looking up at me and his eyes express great torment. He forgot who he is and where he is, he is nothing but desire and desperate fear that I will not do it. His gorgeous dick is hard. Quite a pathetic site, but what a fucking turn on!  “Beg!” – I say in a firm, cold voice. “Please, Mistress! Please!” – “Please what?” – “Please bust my balls!” – “You are seriously pathetic, you know that?” – “Yes, Mistress… I am pathetic…” – “You are a dirty, disgusting, horny dog.” – “Yes, I am, Mistress…” – “I will not come anywhere near your balls, slave. Let alone bust them. Get dressed and get the fuck out. Now!” 

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