Q: My phone number is hidden, how can I make an appointment? A: You can’t.

Q: I try calling you, but you aren’t answering the phone, I also didn’t get a text message from you. A: Either your phone number is hidden or I blocked you.

Q: I think you blocked me, why? A: I block for 6 reasons:

  1.  I have communicated with you before and did not like it – you were rude, disrespectful, or both.
  2. You booked a session with me and disappeared without cancelling.
  3. You made your first appointment with me and cancelled it – 2 times in a row.
  4. You passed my phone interview, but did not make an appointment for a session.
  5. You ignored/disregarded my very simple instructions that I sent to you via text.
  6. Late night calls (calls after 9 pm). If you are calling me late at night, you are clearly looking for a very different kind of professional, and there is  absolutely no reason for you to be able to contact me.

Q: Can I be your personal slave? A: You may ask me after the 5th session.