What I Feel, When I See Him In A Dress
What can possibly be cuter, than a male sub  in a dress…?

“Mistress, what do you feel when you see me wearing a dress?” – he asks. He is sitting at my feet, on his knees. In a long dress, as per my orders – that’s what I like him to wear while he serves me as a maid, and while we chat. I am silent for a couple of minutes. He thinks I don’t want to answer. And he thinks what I feel is something like “Oh, to me you look pathetic/ugly/disgusting/cute/pretty/sexy etc.” (which would then translate into me feeling disgusted/entertained/turned on etc.)

Unexpectedly, I find his question very interesting. What I realize right away is that it is impossible for me to answer. I find that extremely fascinating and think about why it is so. And in a few moments it hits me: of course! I cannot say, what I feel, when I see him wearing a dress – because that is not what I see at all! I do not see him wearing a dress.  

What I do see is a man doing something very brave. Going against one of society’s strictest taboos. In front of me. What I see is his incredible trust. His immeasurable vulnerability. Now, I really do not mean that any man wearing a dress is doing something brave and is vulnerable.  But he is. A so called “alpha”, a top manager in a big company, having countless employees to boss around in his every day life – he would literally die, if anyone from work saw him like this. And what I feel is gratitude for such great trust, and appreciation of his vulnerability and courage.  And I see beauty in a human being daring to express himself how he wants to – risking looking ugly, pathetic, disgusting, clumsy, weird to the world. Especially when this world at the moment consists of me – a strong, beautiful, sexy, smart, perfect looking Woman. Would you dare to put on a dress in front of me..?

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One Comment to “What I Feel, When I See Him In A Dress”

  1. Eli

    מה אני חושב מדהים אני הרבה זמן חושב על סשן בו אני מתחבר לצד הנשי עוד לא עשיתי רוצה מאוד להיתנסות
    ממה שאני קורא את מדהימה


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